Health And Safety Labels


Maintaining a safe and secure environment is crucial in any workplace. Health and safety labels play a vital role in effectively communicating important information, warnings, and instructions.

Southern United has been producing Health and Safety labels for a wide range of industries since we started trading in the 1950′s. We manufacture our Health and Safety Labels in a selection of specialist materials, including Vinyl, Polyester & Polyimide materials. We design our Industrial Labels with 3M high-tack adhesives, offering a heavy-duty label solution suitable for the most demanding applications.

Should you need technical guidance on the best labelling solutions for your application, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated Label Specialist Team.

health and safety labels
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We have a legal duty to warn our staff & end users of any danger posed by using our products. Whether you need self-adhesive plastic labels or metal nameplates, serial-numbered, barcoded printed items, we can assist you with finding the best solution for your specific applications, such as workplace safety, public spaces, and product safety. We support many trades with varied labelling solutions, helping them to strengthen safety practices, prevent accidents, and ensure compliance.

health and safety labels

Your range of options

  • Polyester labels with 3M adhesive
  • Self adhesive Avery Vinyl label
  • Aluminium Foil Labels
  • Rigid Laminate plates
  • Metal Nameplates

finishes available

  • Digital Printing, Screen Printing, Engraving
  • Individually cut or in Roll form
  • 3M transfer tapes including adhesion to powder coated surfaces with our readily available 3M9471 tape
Why choose us?

Supplying compliant labels & Nameplates

We are committed to supplying compliant labelling solutions to our customers. Our highly experienced team can help you design your next batch of heavy-duty labels & nameplates printed in-house in Sussex. If you have any questions regarding our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.