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At Southern United, we specialise in providing high-quality and durable medical labels for healthcare facilities and medical device manufacturers. Compliance with drawing specifications and industry regulations is of the highest importance. Southern United has gained rich experience producing specialist medical labels for worldwide medical equipment suppliers, including many NHS branches.

We understand the urgency of your labelling requirements. Our streamlined production process and efficient supply chain enable us to deliver your orders promptly, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.

We have the knowledge and production capabilities to provide you with durable and cost-effective medical label solutions. Our team of knowledgeable professionals is here to assist you at every step. From label design and material selection to technical support, we provide comprehensive customer service to ensure your satisfaction.

medical labels
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We understand the critical nature of labelling your equipment in a medical environment. We are committed to adhering to the highest quality standards. With our team of professionals on-site, we create labels that withstand various environmental conditions, including temperature changes, moisture, and chemical exposure.

We provide numerous label options, including material, adhesive type, colours, and printing techniques. Our Polycarbonate labels offer an excellent and durable labelling solution for asset tracking, identification, or safety labels. We print the labels from the back of the film, extending their life cycle. For larger volumes, we can manufacture Hot foil printed labels made from vinyl or polyester, laminated with a transparent film to protect the printing.

medical labels

Our Onsite Production Capabilities

  • Access to as wide range of specialist materials including Avery Vinyl, Lexan Polycarbonate & Melinex Heat Stabilised Polyester
  • Reverse Digital Print & Hot Foil Print finishes available
  • 3M transfer tapes including 3M 467 & 3M 9471 for textured surfaces
  • Serial numbering & Barcoding available
  • UL approved materials available

Our Clients

  • NHS
  • Radiosurgery equipment manufacturer
  • Medical technology company
  • Electronics manufacturer

Why choose us?


With our extensive expertise and commitment to quality conformance, we can assist you with all your medical labelling requirements. We can help you find the most appropriate identification and tracking labels. Contact us via phone or email to receive personalised support or request a quote.