Polycarbonate Labels


Polycarbonate is a much sought-after label material and known for their exceptional durability. Polycarbonate labels can withstand exposure to extreme temperatures, chemicals and UV radiation without losing their readability or integrity.

Industrial environments can subject labels to challenging conditions. We use manufacturing methods to ensure that your labels remain legible and intact even when exposed to oils, solvents, cleaning agents, and other chemicals commonly encountered in industrial settings.

We print high-resolution graphics, company logos, barcodes, QR codes, and other data matrix codes on our polycarbonate labels using our onsite digital printers. It is particularly important for labels that require precise instructions, warnings, or safety information.

We manufacture polycarbonate labels that require minimum maintenance. We print the labels on the back of the material, and deliver with high-tack 3M adhesive for extended longevity. It reduces the need for frequent label replacements and helps businesses maintain efficient operations.

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polycarbonate labels
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Polycarbonate – An industrial-strength material

Our Polycarbonate labels find applications in diverse industrial sectors. From Aerospace and electronics to industrial and Medical equipment, these labels provide vital identification, tracking, and safety information. They are suitable for control panels, machinery, appliances, instrument panels, and other critical components.

With the recent acquisition of another flatbed precision cutter, we can produce your industrial labels virtually in any shape. Manufactured with our readily available 3M tapes, you will benefit from an effective labelling solution for a long time.

  • Combination of Screen printing & Digital reverse printing offering a long-lasting labelling solution
  • Available in various thicknesses, including 250 & 500 microns thick
  • Laminated with 3M adhesives including 3m467 & 3M468 transfer tape for stronger adhesion
  • Suitable for use in many industrial applications including resistance to chemical exposure, water & UV radiation

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