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Bespoke Metal Labels and Nameplates

Southern United is leading expert in the manufacture of bespoke metal labels and nameplates. Industrial nameplates play a vital role in various industries, providing important information and identification for equipment, machinery, and products. We produce our nameplates etched or printed with essential details like manufacturing dates, model numbers, and serial numbers.

Southern United provides hard-wearing metal labels and nameplates designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures, chemicals and outdoor exposure.

Industrial nameplates often need to comply with drawing specifications. We have a stock of aerospace & commercial-grade metals to enable us to meet your drawing requirements & provide full material traceability.

Our team of label specialists is ready to help you find the best material and print finish to meet your requirements.

A wide range of readily available versatile metals

We supply nameplates in different materials, depending on the requirements. The material choice depends on factors such as durability, resistance to chemicals, and UV stability. Southern United is committed to complying with industry standards & your technical drawing specifications. We select our approved metal suppliers based on strict criteria, including metal grade availability & material traceability.

Print & Finishes available

Extensive printing & finish capabilities available

Industrial nameplates are essential for product identification, traceability, and safety purposes. We produce metal labels and nameplates using the right materials & manufacturing techniques to ensure we meet the demands of your environment. Each manufacturing technique offers unique advantages in terms of durability, clarity, and customisation options.

We can produce your bespoke metal labels & nameplates using a wide range of manufacturing methods, such as screen printing and etching. We can help you select the most suitable material & protective coating to improve the durability & longevity of your nameplates. We also have a number of suppliers ready to colour match your precise colour requirements so that we create a product that exceeds your expectations.


From 0.1mm to 1.5mm thick

Screen Print | Etch & Print | Etch Unfilled | Anodise to AMS 03_25

Stainless Steel

From 0.6mm to 1.5mm thick

Screen Print | Etch & Print | Etch Unfilled


From 0.5mm to 2.0mm thick

Screen Print | Etch & Print | Etch unfilled

Additional spec
Serial numbering

Individual marking screen printed & pin dot marked

Additional spec
Cornering & Piercing

Radius corners & hole piercing to specific diameters

Additional spec
Self adhesive

Ranging from 3M 467 to 3M 9471 to suit many applications

Why choose us?

We Produce Durable Metal Labels & Nameplates

We produce metal labels and nameplates using the best material & manufacturing techniques to ensure that the nameplates withstand the demands of industrial environments. You can contact our Sales team to discuss your requirements, get expert guidance or request a quote.